Sunday, April 30, 2006

We rode to our mutual hometown, Vienna to attend a Buffalo Soldier's bike show and cookout. Fred, the policeman at Drew's school was recently inducted into the club, which is a (mostly but not exclusively, from looking about yesterday) black motorcycle club with all kinds of roots, apparently--I never knew about it before.... Beautiful beautiful day. Ran into Pam Boyd, who was friends with my sister in HS. Long red findernails and hair to match. Helped two members from Delaware fix their bike by escorting them through the NoVa mess to HD dealership and Home Depot. Hard to say why riding around en plein aire on a motorcycle is so much fun--so much fun that even doing pretty much nothing gets transformed. Photos are of Fred and Drew and the beleaguered Delawarians and me and D.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Margar showed me how to post pictures. Steep learning curve has left me slightly light-headed but also mad w/power. So here are: the school where I teach; Drew playing charity gig at Sully's in Chantilly; Stan...had more but the mechanism kept vomiting them back up. Must curb megalomania...must learn to spell megalomania...
Still in the 40's at night, but the days seductively warm. Today I planted fennel, lovage, lavender, sorrel, borage and Thai basil. And garlic. I haven't grown fresh garlic since Pineaway house in Hastings back when Thom was a baby.