Sunday, August 12, 2007


Stanley and his vole--he brought it into the house twice before we managed to evict both predator and prey and snap these pictures...dee-licious, and gone in six!

Blazing Hot Afternoon

Stan pursues the only intelligent course....

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Despite the droughty and wiltingly hot weather that has been the commonplace this summer, the garden has kept on quietly producung more glories than we can possibly eat: freezer and refrigerator are filling up with pickles, pesto and tomato sauce...

Nancy's Send-Off Party for Sam

The usual suspects in the usual setting: Oscar sings karaoke in the style of Bing Crosby; Kip's homage to the Colonel; Anne Morgan and me; Mark Hyland gives paparazzi the Hairy Eyeball; Nancy and her son, Sam; Nancy's ex Eric lives the dream--for a moment!

I Had a Birthday, Too

The blogger at 55; presents from my Mom and my coworkers; Stan thinks the birthday table is a great place for a bath; a fairly lousy photo of Stan's finished portrait; Stan and Drew share a moment--two moments!