Saturday, May 13, 2006

Virginia in May--walking today the air is drenched with the heavy and heavenly drenching really perfume of wild roses--little white climbing into trees and up telephone poles in every neglected corner (lots of those in Lake Arrowhead!). They do not look like much, but the complexity, the many-layered nuances of scent they create--I gotta stop--I know this sounds idiotic, but they smell amazing..."Weisse aus Sparrieshoop" and barbed wire in the garden today; The first bloom of "Madame Caroline Testout"; slightly blurry "Souvenir de Madame Leonie Viennot" (too breezy for a clear picture but check it out! What color ISN'T in this rose?); "Buff Beauty"--an old friend; the gargoyle broods in a nest of Russian sage; The newly-planted garden bed: tomatoes and hot peppers to the left, herbs straight ahead, and beans (the enormous harp) and cucumers to the right.

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