Sunday, July 09, 2006

In Kentucky....a Ferry Tale

In Kentucky, we found some tiny, scrabbly towns and narrow, windy and obscure roads--and one of the hardest-to-decode highway systems yet. On S.R. 700, a road barely wider than a driveway, a mysterious sign appeared: "Road Does Not Cross River." We were lost (not unusual for us in KY) and figured lost going forward would work as well as lost turning back. At the river, a surprise: a small ferry boat, secured by cables against the current, and powered by a paddle-wheel. Supposedly this is one of the oldest continuous ferry services in the US. In this series of pictures you see the ferry approaching and leaving, Drew checking directions with the ferrymen, a mural in Versailles.
We discovered later that we were, at one point, less than an hour from where Murph and Archie live. Next time!

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