Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well, Great Souls are SUPPOSED to Languish in Garrets, Aren't They?

This is my 4th-5th grade classroom in the attic of the Milk Barn: until a couple of weeks ago, it was a curriculum library and auxiliary teaching chamber. Now it is mine, mua-ha-ha-ha! Note my groovy little desk area (with requisite cookie jar!). Walls are sloped, so everything falls off the bulletin boards unless anchored twelve times over. Coats and bookbags hang in the precipitous tiny stairway, and the room is baking hot if the inside door is closed, and polar if the door is left open, so we alternate. I really do enjoy this room; it's got a lot of tattered charm and will get better (more charming and undoubtedly more tattered). You can't see the little reading area near the outside door (which opens up onto catwalk overlooking the playground): it has a wicker chair and...well...a wicker chair is about it right now, but that too will improve. Nothing deficient in here that money can't fix. Except size: when there are ten children in here, and two teachers, it is intimate to the point of claustrophobia.

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Maggie Kate said...

Looks great, Mom!