Sunday, December 31, 2006

Michigan: Four Children, Five Days

These are snapshots from a whirlwind five-day visit to Michigan. I stayed at Mom's for the first two days, then ran up (drove, actually) to Ann Arbor with Julia to see Margar, and saw (An)Drew in K-zoo on the way back to VA. I apologize for formatting problems with this post--I'm just too beat to try to clean it up right now. In these first picutres, you see me and Julia, me and Mom, Mom and the flowers Nancy Marie sent--the tree, the creche...I think that's it.


Thom and his fellow-communists (that is the term, right?) are in the process of moving to recently acquired house. Here, at the old duplex, we watched South Park: The Movie and generally, uh...communed. Pictures are of Thom, at ease and at the computer, his amazing Lincolnesque fingers, a portrait with his maternal gene doner--and a nice picture of his longtime friend Corey.

In Ann Arbor: here is Margaret Kathryn in her apartment--pensive, in a directed moment of mad jollity, and with SCO (Significant Canadian Other) Jason Bell, who is visiting from Vancouver, for reasons both personal and mathematical.

Andy lives in a great narrow old house ("white house, new driveway, blue Lincoln Continental in drive") on a steep street in Kalamazoo's atmospheric student ghetto. Here, he burns a copy of his Rocket-Powered Armchair Sled exploit to disc for me, and rehydrates in front of gigantic self-portrait. Guitar is a work in progress...

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Chad said...

Nice to see recent photos of your children and their surroundings. They seem to be thriving.
Donna Cleveland at Chad's