Monday, May 28, 2007

Colonial Beach, Memorial Day Weekend

Touring the shoreline at Colonial Beach in grand style, courtesy of Seville Cruise Lines (also known as tagging along with Rick and family on their pontoon boat!)

A sea osprey guards its nest on a shoreline channel marker--a common nesting site for these small raptors. Poetry in flight; alight, they have a slightly wild-eyed and frazzled look--they remind me a little of Wiley Coyote.

On Rick Seville's pontoon boat: Rick stays the course, while his wife Laura, daughter Shawna and granddaughter Jordan sunbathe; Drew enjoys being a relaxed passenger, for a change!

Images of Colonia Beach taken from Rick's boat: One of many beautiful old private homes that hug the shore; the red place on stilts was washed away in a fierce storm a few years ago--recently rebuilt; I love this sweet yellow Queen Anne house--Alexander Graham Bell's house--that's my fantasy home, and not because of AGB...

This is a view of Rick's community's private beach. In the water, Drew, Rick, and Rick's extended family.

Rick's neighbors have turned their old boat into a backyard fountain.

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